Noel offers a clear, knowledgable approach to investment and luxury development projects in the Hamptons area of Long Island, New York. He understand the needs of global and local clients and continue to guide owners, builders, and investors through this market. He offers advisory, marketing and finance arranging services to real estate market participants. He specializes in debt and equity, and joint ventures consulting. Individualized attention to clients, extensive network of relationships, and a singular industry focus enables him to provide a unique client service.

Land Development Partnerships

For building lot owners interested in participating in the development and subsequent upside from the sale of a new home. Partnership are formed for the purpose of building and selling a new luxury home on a Land Owner’s building lot. Typically, a Special Purpose Entity (SPE) will be created for the purposes of forming a partnership between the Land Owner and the Developer. The Land Owner will contribute the land to the partnership and the Developer will contribute all the necessary services to build the home.

Noel maintains relationships with some of the top development teams in the Hamptons, and can assist land owners in the developer selection process, and beyond.

Real Estate Developer

We work with real estate developers and assist them in achieving their strategy, capital raising and project oversight goals. Our clients benefit from our market expertise combined with the resources of our industry relationships. Our entrepreneurial mindset and appetite for creative deal structuring uniquely define us.